I’ve found that Secret Compass’s attitude to any idea - no matter how bonkers - is generally ‘That sounds almost impossible... when do we start?’
— Simon Pinfield, Director of Photography
Looking forward to seeing the release of your new project: the rumours sound epic as per usual!
— Sarah Rees, Scorch London
In all their responsibilities Secret Compass excelled. Their dedication and professionalism were of the highest order throughout, delivering a rare combination of efficiency and rigour.
— Adam Bullmore, October Films
After working as a documentary cameraman and photographer for 25 years in some of the most remote places in the world, I was delighted with the knowledgeable service and excellent support from the team at Secret Compass... I’m already looking forward to the next adventure!
— Rodger Chapman, Cameraman
I worked hand in hand with Secret Compass. They’re the best professionals in the business.
— Scott Madden, High Noon Entertainment