It was eye-opening to see the amount of behind-the-scenes staff and logistics necessary to make this feat happen without a hitch, to a punishing schedule and in an unforgiving environment.
— Tom Carson, Jägermeister music manager
This has to be one of the most insane gigs we’ve ever played! You see these things on TV documentaries but it’s not until you get to see them in real life that you realise just how big and amazing icebergs are.
— Stitch D, The Defiled
From assembling and managing a great team of up to 44 people on set, to understanding where to compromise and creatively where not to compromise I found Secret Compass outstanding company to work with and I cant wait for the next adventure.
— Simon Pinfield, DOP
I think we nailed it, the footage is sublime and the teams ethic to get the job cracked and muck in wherever needed was excellent.
— Steve Wood, photographer
The Jägermeister Ice Cold Gig is by far one of the biggest challenges of my career, but I’m really excited to get out there and see a part of our planet that very few people will ever get to visit.
— Charlie Simpson
The venue and the people that work there was the true star of this event. They worked tirelessly to create a spectacular stage for us to perform on, and were so friendly, it felt like we belonged there. What a truly wonderful experience. One that we’d love to repeat somehow.
— TesseracT